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Designer Introduction

Liu Yue is a student of Chelsea MA Textile 2023, with an undergraduate degree from the China Academy of Arts. She is mainly active in China and the UK. Some of her design was exhibited in museums and collections. As an unlimited designer, her work explores a wide range of fields, including traditional culture, emotional reflection, and creative innovation. Using sustainable and mixed media materials to explore diversity fashion designs by using modern and traditional techniques.



  • B.A. Fashion and Accessories Design (Textile Design), China Academy of Art, Hangzhou City, China, 09/2017-06/2021

  • Core Courses: Chinese Art History, 2D Design Foundation, Sketch, 3D Design Foundation, Preliminary Design, Line Drawing, Textile Materials, Textile Color, Professional Pattern Design, Printed Fabric Design, Basic Design of Textile, Jacquard Fabric Design, Knitwear Technology

  • Summer Group Programme in Embassy CES, UK, 07/2015-08/2015

  • Three-week English learning courses; one-week university visiting


  • Academic Scholarship, School of Design, China Academy of Art, 09/2019-06/2020

  • Graduation project exhibited in Zhejiang Art Museum

  • Graduation project collected by Zhejiang Art Museum


  • Voluntary Handicraft Teacher at schools in poor areas in Jiangxi Province, China, 07/2016

  • Model, Model Club, China Academy of Art, 09/2017-06/2019

  • Walked on the show for cooperated fashion brands


  • Professional Skills: textile design, clothing design, accessories design, interior textile design, product design

  • Textile Skills: knitting, crochet, woven, silk hand painting, pattern design, screen printing, digital printing, tie-dyeing, stitching,mixed media design.

  • Fashion Skills: draping, pattern making, sewing.

  • Painting Skills: sketching, watercolor, gouache, ink drawing, Chinese painting, meticulous painting.

  • IT Skills: Proficient in using software: PS, AI, PPT, EXCEL,Nomad,Procreate,shapr3D,Midjourney,Meta Spark Studio.

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